TowEDGE Spacers

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Do you have foot pain, arch pain, or have a loss of balance? TowEDGE Spacers are comfortable silicone spacers that come in both medium and large sizes that can be comfortably placed between your toes to correct alignment and improve both mobility and stability.
Each set comes with four spacers - enough for one foot only.

EMS recommends Vivo Barefoot and/or Crocs.

Why would you need more space in between your toes? Modern footwear for both sexes typically has a narrow toe box that squishes your toes together. Over time, this could lead to foot changes, decreased mobility in your great toe and balance deficits. Wearing TowEDGE Spacers may improve your balance and eventually assist with alignment.
Research for also found significant improvements in balance and single leg stance stability in his research on toe spacers, versus minimalist footwear, versus a control group.
Exercises for big toe health, mobility, and stability can be found here.