EDGE Neck Support - Relieve Neck Pain, Tension, and Headaches at Work and Home

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Product Details

The At Home Solution for Neck Pain and Muscle Tightness, and tension headaches.

Mechanical cervical traction units often relieve cervical pain and stiffness. However, it's hard to replicate at home without feeling like you're in a noose. We have a simple solution for you or your patients! The easy to use pump inflates the neck pillow and helps support the normal inward curvature of the neck. Performing light nods with neck support also mobilizes the upper cervical spine, an area that gives relief to neck pain, tension, and headaches.

  • Comes with instructional videos - check your email for the instructions and bonus Recovery Plan. The videos and instructions are digital.
  • bonus exercises and a 1 month Recovery Plan - developed by Dr. E, Doctor of Physical Therapy, founder of EDGE Mobility System, Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists, Manual Therapy Instructor, and more!
  • easy to use and set up
  • safer and more convenient than traditional over the door traction units
  • doesn’t feel like you’re being choked like inflatable traction pillow units
  • 30 day guarantee