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Product Details

WE SELL A FULL SYSTEM - Equipment + Software + Education

When you buy B STRONG, you get a lot more than a couple of top-of-the-line belts and pump.  We have developed software tools delivered through our web-app to get you to the safest and most effective pressures so you can get the most out of the product.  Our web-app features:

  • Pressure calculator so you can quickly get personalized pressures for multiple users
  • Instructional videos that teach you the correct way to put the belts, how to choose weights, how to choose exercises, etc.
  • Sample video based exercise programs you can follow along with 
  • Access to the leading exerpts in the field for help on how to maximize your use of B STRONG



Mayo Clinic, Navy Seals, University of Alabama, Pittsburgh Steelers and many more... They all turn to B STRONG for BFR training because of the designed in safety, versatility, and above all results!  Easily over 30,000 successful BFR sessions have been performed with the B STRONG system and it's growing every day.



Wider, inelastic cuffs like re-purposed blood pressure cuffs are designed to cut off blood flow, which is the source of all major safety risks.  B STRONG is designed specifically to avoid full occlusion so there is inherent safety designed into the product.  Check out the comparison video below.


OPTIMIZED COMFORT - Mitigate against nerve injury

The narrow width of B STRONG belts helps to minimally cover muscles as they try and expand during contraction.  The elasticity built into the belts accomodates any expansion that is seen to improve comfort and avoid high pressures that can compress nerves.  In many cases, clients don't even really feel the belts themselves on the limb, but you still end up with a massive pump.  Avoiding high compression forces also mitigates against the risk of nerve damage which have been reported with wraps and wide, inelastic cuffs.


DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE - Slim and doesn't interfere with natural motion

Among pneumatic systems, B STRONG has the lowest profile system on the market.  When you put our belts on you can run, jump, swim, cycle and they don't get in your way.  For the consious gym-goer, you can wear under clothing and they are virtually unnoticable.  The belts stretch during muscle contraction to accomodate dynamic motion where you get a large circumference change in the working muscle to keep you safe and comfortable.


DURABLE - Use them in the desert, snow, water, outside, inside...

B STRONG can be used in any weather condition.  They are designed to hold for easily over 5000 cycles (2-3 years in a high use setting) and withstand the abuse of getting thrown around in a gym setting, on the practice field, or on the battefield.  Our comprehensive 1 year warranty means you can feel safe in the comfort of your investment that if you have any issues, we have your back.



"I have recently switched to the brand new BFR device from B STRONG and have been really impressed.  I definitely recommend B STRONG for everyone.  The quality is amazing, a lot better than others I have used, and I really feel like it's at a great price point.  It really answers all my past complaints with other devices"

-- Mike Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS.

"I personally have seen more rapid changes in my strength and muscle size in the last month-and-a-half of dedicated use of the BStrong equipment and process than I saw in the previous 20 years of lifting heavy weights!  You get the same strength and muscle size increases using lights weights that would normally require lifting very heavy weights. This means that virtually anyone at any age can get great results with the system without risking tendon and muscle pulls/injuries associated with heavy weights.

The BStrong equipment and process is easy to use, totally portable, and comes with an app and associated videos that provide clear instruction.  And if you have questions, the support provided by the company is unbelievable! They respond to email questions rapidly and completely, like no company I have ever dealt with!!

I talk this up to all my friends and family and tell them to buy the BStrong system and try it, because they will be amazed at the results! "

Bill M., Connecticut

From sports performance scientists, and the creator of the AlterG, comes a professional tool with all the benefits of high end BFR systems, but at a simple to use package at an affordable price.  (B)STRONG provide a guidance web app and pressure calculator to take the guesswork out of BFR training and streamline use of the system with multiple clients.

(B)STRONG was developed in conjunction with, and support by top PT's, medical experts and researchers, and S&C coaches. We are proud to be the tool of choice for many sports franchises in the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and D1 colleges.

All package include:

  • Belts* (qty chosen during checkout)
  • 1 hand pump
  • 1 carrying case
  • Licenses to the guidance app for yourself or your clinic

SIZING: Sizes cover limb circumferences in the range of 18cm – 79cm (7in – 29in).  

* for the Professional Packages, the 8 belt package contains a pair of sizes 1-4; for the 10 belt package you get a pair of sizes 1-5.