Nutrition: Integrating the Fundamentals into PT Practice

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Fuel Physio

This introductory course is intended to help physical therapists and physical therapist assistants navigate the integration of nutrition into practice. Providing not only fundamental concepts of nutrition and evidence-based recommended eating patterns, but also helping clinicians decide whether a client/patient should receive nutritional intervention or referral to the appropriate professional.

What you get:

  • easy to implement nutritional screen
  • flow sheet for clinical decision making for Nutrition in the clinic, referring out, or just letting the patient know your services are there
  • 40 min video lecture

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Course Objectives:

  • Introduce the fundamental concepts of nutrition
  • Understand the role that nutrition plays in patient/client care
  • Improve the process of nutritional screening in PT practice
  • Identify the need for nutritional intervention or referral to the appropriate nutrition professional
  • Acquire a knowledge base of general nutrition information that can be provided within the scope of a physical therapist

Dr. Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN

Fuel Physio, LLC provides quality education, consulting, and coaching for general health and well-being, with an emphasis in human movement and nutrition. We offer a variety of services in the fields of physical therapy and dietetics/nutrition to individual persons, educational institutions, inpatient and outpatient clinics, and other healthcare providers. 

Fuel Physio, LLC was started by Dr. Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN, who is both a licensed physical therapist and registered dietitian nutritionist. Dr. Berner was born and raised in New Orleans but has now taken roots in Greenville, South Carolina. He has a strong passion for human movement and nutrition and firmly believes these are among the most important components of a healthy life. In a society now plagued with preventative disease, Dr. Berner strives to be a part of the movement that does not wait to fix what has broken. A preventative approach that integrates both movement and nutrition is key to successfully reducing risk of chronic disease and improving quality of life. An individual’s entire lifestyle should be cared for, not just their greatest impairment.