Thoracic Manipulation Tool (TMT)

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The Thoracic Manipulation Tool (TMT) is a hand-held, flexible tool designed to lessen stresses to your fingers/hands during supine thoracic manipulations (anterior adjustments). The TMT is the only tool on the market that protects your fingers, while allowing you to maintain practictioner 'feel' during manipulation. The TMT is:

  • made of 100% certified skin-safe material
  • flexible and durable- made to last
  • pocket-size
  • usable in either hand
  • accommodating to multiple hand-hold preferences. The ends of the TMT have different widths to accommodate varying hand sizes/needs. For stiffer hands, the TMT can still be held within the grip of the fingers and still be more comfortable than using a chapstick or pen in the hand for the manipulation.


The Thoracic Manipulation Tool (TMT) is made by a manual therapist, for manual practitioners. The TMT was created by Brad Simpson, PT, DPT, CSCS, COMT, FAAOMPT. Brad has been in outpatient orthopaedics PT since his graduation from physical therapy school in 2005. Brad began Simpson Innovations, LLC, with the creation of the Thoracic Manipulation Tool (TMT), after performing countless thoracic spine manipulations and feeling the stresses it placed on his fingers. Academia and clinical mentoring proved finger/hand pain from thoracic manipulations is common, without great solutions available to alleviate those stresses. The Thoracic Manipulation Tool (TMT) solves this problem, by protecting your fingers/hands during anterior adjustments (supine thoracic manipulations). It is the only manipulation tool on the market that allows you to maintain your practitioner ‘feel’ during manipulation, while lessening your finger stresses.