A Guide to Treadmill Running Analysis

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A Guide to Treadmill Running Analysis is an ebook by Chris Johnson, PT

Running is a hierarchical skill relative to most activities of daily living. It is therefore important to conduct a running analysis at some point in working with runners, especially if they are sidelined from training secondary to pain and/or pathology. This guide provides clinicians and health professionals with an evidence-based framework to learn treadmill running analysis and gait retraining using "The S's of Running Analysis."

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What others have to say about Chris' new book

“There hasn’t been a greater influence on how I manage runners than Christopher Johnson. His new guide on gait analysis is fantastic. Not only does this resource contain the most up to date research on gait analysis, it contains practical ways of applying that research. If you work with runners in any capacity, this is a must have.”
-Nathan Carlson, DPT, USATF

“Well worth a look if you regularly assess runners. Christopher Johnson is a well-read machine.”
-Daniel Morris, PT (UK)

“PT friends - please consider this incredible valuable resource on Treadmill Running Analysis by my friend Christopher Johnson. I took a running course with him this past year and the information he provided was outstanding. Stellar dude and clinician!”
-Kyle Coffey, DPT

“This is a guy who needs no introduction. I first took a class from Christopher Johnson back in 2012 in Seattle and it has forever revolutionized what I do with runners and treating running injuries. Every year, it seems like things become obsolete in a blink of an eye. The concepts and principles stay basic but there are things that seem to be fleetingly temporary. And if you don’t keep up with the updates, you’re simply left behind. This is exactly what Chris doesn’t do: be left behind. He continues to beat the status quo and continues to pump out the best work out there for runners and has truly become a leader in this ever changing industry. So if you work with runners, whether you’re a trainer, PT or chiropractor, this guide is for you.”
-Mark Jamantoc, DPT

“About 2 years ago, I took a course taught by Chris on treadmill running analysis and left with an in-depth understanding on how to help rehab runners and analyze their gait without over-complicating their biomechanics. He provides that entire course and more in this guide/manual loaded with clinical gems. From awesome external cues to a ton of evidence based information and case studies, all of his suggestions are really simple to implement in the clinic immediately with your patients who run. Great work Christopher Johnson!”
-Justin Ho, DPT

“If you treat runners, you should definitely consider this new resource from Christopher Johnson.”
-Todd Hargrove

“For clinicians and fitness professionals working with runners, and people who are moving on their feet in sport or recreationally. Christopher Johnson is a go-to guy for anything running rehab and performance.”
-Greg Spooner