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Learn how to use The CupEDGE Mobility Tools on, almost 9 hours of training!
The CupEDGE are for soft tissue manipulation based on the ancient methods of cupping. The CupEDGE tools are made from soft silicone and do not require pumps or matches. They can be used very gently to provide a subtle lift to the skin and the first layer of fascia. No pumps or matches needed! Just give a light squeeze and apply to the skin for a strong tissue distraction.
Advantages vs IASTM and traditional cupping
  • tissue distractions versus light scraping
  • may help with persistent superficial adhesions after scar tissue formation after surgery/injury
  • no pumps or matches needed, just gently squeeze the CupEDGE, apply to the skin and suction occurs!
There are three sizes of cups, small, medium, and large. The set comes with two pairs of each and costs $42.99.

Dimensions: 2 large (2 x 3 h inches), 2 medium (1.3 x 2.25 inches) and 2 small (0.75 x 3 h inches)