10ft EDGE Mobility Belt (for Larger Patients/Clinicians)

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Product Details

The EDGE Mobility Belts come in two lengths: 8 foot (standard length) and 10 ft (for larger patients/clinicians). There are also 4 color combinations to choose from: all Blue belt, all Gray belt, Blue-Gray belt, and Gray-Blue belt. The EDGE Mobility Belts have the picture quality repeating EMS logo every 12 inches mirrored on both sides of the belt.

These belts are ideal for rehab providers and their patients to reduce pain and improve joint motion. The EDGE Mobility Belt can withstand high heat, repel harsh chemicals such as chlorine, oil, and bleach, has unmatched tensile strength, superior durability, and amazing aesthetics and ideal texture for optimal comfort. The EDGE Mobility Belts can be machine washed/dried even on high heat settings with bleach. They are hospital grade.

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