A Patient’s Guide to ACL Surgery Success Ebook

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Don't go into ACL surgery unprepared and unaware of what’s needed to ensure a successful outcome.


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That's the percentage of people who have ACL surgery and NEVER return to their prior activity level....bet you didn't know that!


“A Patient’s Guide to ACL Surgery Success” is a comprehensive ebook and gives you specialist-level tips, advice, and guidance throughout your ACL surgery journey to make sure you have the best chance of getting back to the things you love you to do.

This is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE guide out there.  Most guides/protocols are 3-4 pages long and this guide is 75 pages of information, tips, advice, and guidelines.  You won't find a guide like this anywhere else!


What This Guide is...

Specialist-level tips, advice, and guidance about:

  • What you need to know and do before surgery.  Topics like:
    • How to optimize yourself physically
    • How to pick a surgeon
    • How to pick a physical therapist
    • Supplies recommended for after surgery
  • What you need to know and do the day of surgery
    • How to prepare and what to expect for the "big day"
  • What you need to know and do after surgery.  Topics like:
    • Detailed description of what to do the first few days after surgery
    • Guided timeline of your rehab process with appropriate milestones
  • Returning to sports guidelines

...and What It Isn't

This guide is not an exact “recipe” for you to follow.  Why?  Because, just like snowflakes, no two rehab programs are exactly the same.  The overarching principles and goals are very similar, but the exact exercises, needs, etc. will differ for each person.  So, if you’re looking for an exact recipe to follow, this guide won’t give you that...because that doesn’t exist. 

This Guide Is Ideal For

  • People who want to give themselves the best chance of having a successful surgery and outcome
  • Athletes who want to get back to playing sports as quickly AND safely as possible
  • Parents who are concerned for their child's health and want to ensure the best possible outcome for them
  • People who have limited access to a medical rehab team
  • Anyone who values their health and wants to continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle