EDGE Metatarsal Pads 2.0 - Relieve Metatarsalgia, and Neuroma Pain

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Product Details

EDGE Mobility's new Metatarsal Pads 2.0 are a huge upgrade! If you have metatarsalgia, or pain from neuroma in your forefoot, these are easy to slip on and wear all day. You can comfortable weak socks, stockings, and/or shoes with no issues!

They are washable/reusable and last much longer than the 1.0! Dr. E has actually ran entire 5ks wearing them with no issues!


  • choose small if your shoe size is 4-8
  • choose large if your shoe size is 9 or larger
Dimensions : size S (8.5*6.5cm), size L ( 10*7.5cm)
Weight : Size S (24g / pair), Size L (31g / pair)
Material : Lycra fabric + Silicone gel