EDGE Restriction System BFR Cuffs

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arm cuff 17 ¼” length x 2” width
leg cuff 29 ¼ length x 3” width 

1 year warranty

1 cuff - arm or leg for $119.99
2 arm or leg cuffs for $169.99
4 cuffs - 2 arms and 2 leg cuffs for $269.99
Extra pump - $83.99


  • Single bladder design - can restrict comfortably at lower pressure than multiple bladder cuffs
  • D ring for easier fit
  • All EDGE Restriction System BFR Cuffs are completely waterproof - you can swim or exercise in the water
  • durable and easy to release pump and guage that goes up to 500 mmHg - tested/rated for 1000s of uses

Don't settle for cheaper sets that use blood pressure cuffs/pumps not rated for higher pressure and are only water resistant, but NOT waterproof!



The next generation of BFR Cuffs are here! From EDGE Mobility System, one of the most trusted names in online products for IASTM, manual therapy, education and fitness products comes the EDGE Restriction System for Blood Flow Restriction Therapy/Training.

With BFR, you want to be working out with blood flow restriction, not full occlusion. The quick release valve and pump have been tested by the manufacturer for thousands of uses and are purpose built for this application. Competing products use BP pumps and valves that are harder to release and apply due to the one size fits all nature.

Cuffs come in several sets and each set comes with one pump/gauge with quick release valve. Instructional videos will be made available soon and will come with the purchase of a product. All videos are streamable and include basic instructions.

Does Practical BFR Need to Be FDA Approved?

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