Rehab Roller 6-in-1 Home Therapy Foam Roller

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Product Details

Rehab Roller is the only foam roller you will ever need!

This revolutionary 6-in-1 Home Therapy System was d
esigned by a Registered Physiotherapist who wanted to reach more people by providing a useful rehab tool that would save them time and money. The Rehab Roller can be your 24/7 at home physiotherapist that helps you keep your body fresh while providing 10x the value of a conventional foam roller and other tools, for a fraction of the price.

With Rehab Roller, you get the benefit of having SIX fitness tools in one:

Calf Stretcher (~$30-90 value) Used for enhancing calf, hip, hamstring, and ankle mobility.
Wrist/Forearm/Finger stretcher (~$30 value) - Helpful for stretching the wrists and hands to decrease pain, improve function, and increase flexibility - especially for regular cell phone and computer users.

Foam roller (~$40-$70 value with this type of EVA material) - An effective tool to increase your joint range of motion momentarily. Perfect for your warm-up or cool down, before and after exercise.

Peanut roller (~$20 value) - Useful for getting around bony landmarks like the spine, shins, and neck.
Myofascial releaser (~$99 value) - Specifically used for relieving stress in the muscles of the hip that cause back pain, hip pain, disability and immobility. It can also be used to target hard to reach muscles like the iliacus or psoas muscles.

Plantar Fascia Tool (~$30 value) - Helpful in the treatment of plantar fasciitis pain and foot conditions by using the tip for high load strength training in the feet.

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