Running on Resistance - ebook and almost 100 videos!

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Running on ResistanceThe ultimate guide for athletes and practitioners who are looking to enhance their understanding of exercise prescription and strength training for runners. 

Running has a predictable set of performance demands. Preparing runners for healthy training should not be such a mystery. This digital guide lays out the primary resistance training exercises and drills that we routinely prescribe to runners across the injury to performance spectrum. Regardless of whether you are rebounding from an injury, dealing with niggles that constantly interfere with your training, or looking to reach a performance milestone, the information in this guide will be of interest to you. 

 What You Get:

  • An evidence-based overview of the fundamental exercises and drills that should comprise a sound resistance training program for runners as well as the rationale and specific learning objectives.
  • Nearly 100 high-resolution videos to provide readers with a clear demonstration of how to perform the exercises
  • Three sample programs to demystify how resistance training can interface with a running schedule for a high-school runner, masters-level runner, and triathlete

Bundle with A Guide to Treadmill Running Analysis and save $15 on the second book. It's the perfect combo for clinicians, coaches, and/or runners alike! - Bundle it by clicking on bundles prior to adding it to your cart!