Stop Thought Viruses Bracelets pack

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Product Details

  • Blue silicone bracelets
  • each order comes with a pack of bracelets and Stop Thought Viruses program pdf
  • program designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and International Lecturer
  • Used for chronic pain and persistent pain states
  • bonus Pain Fundamentals and Treatment Fundamentals ebooks by Dr. Greg Lehman
  • bonus - Keeping the Window of Improvement Open patient education video

The Stop Thought Viruses program is a simple process, break negative habits with constant reinforcement of a more positive attitude. It may change your outlook on life, plus help you to change your pain states. "Through scientific research, we are now aware of the thought processes which are powerful enough to maintain a pain state. We call them thought viruses. "These thoughts and the fear of certain activities, or fear of re-injury, can increase pain." - David Butler M.App.Sc. & Lorimer Moseley Ph.D., Explain Pain

If you or someone you know has chronic or persistent pain, or a negative outlook on life, we have a simple process that may change things. It starts with a simple bracelet.

The Rules

1) Place the bracelet on either wrist, this starts the process at Day 1

2) If you complain about anything, your pain, or otherwise, switch the bracelet to the other wrist and start at Day 1 again internal complaints are allowed, but only because this will change once you stop verbalizing complaints examples instead of saying "I hate how cold it is today!" You could say, "I should have dressed with more layers today!"

3) If anyone asks you how you are, you say "I'm doing great!" Follow this with any positive statement about something going on in your life.

4) If someone asks, "What about your headaches, back pain... etc...?" You just say, "I'm working on it" If a healthcare provider is asking you, or gives you a form to fill out, you may tell them how your condition is going so they can measure your progress

That's it! The goal is to get to 30-60 consecutive days without verbal complaints, which is enough to form a new positive habit. I have put myself through this program and I can tell you it really has changed the way I interact with other people and even the thoughts in my head.