The EDGE Back Support

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Product Details

Most popular back supports are simple round pillows that wear out after a few months. If you get relief but were looking for something that is more durable, The EDGE Back Support is for you!


Looking for a back support that

  • is adjustable?
  • is firm? (without pillow)
  • is supportive/soft? (with pillow)
  • doesn't wear out and need to be replaced if you use it often as prescribed?

The EDGE Back Support is all that and more! The best way to sit is to move around regularly and often. Sometimes in our work and play, prolonged sitting is unavoidable, sitting upright may take some stress off of sensitive structures and our back support can help with that.

You can use The EDGE Back Support

  • in lying to take the day's pressures away
  • in sitting to promote more efficient posture
  • as part of warm up or recovery mobility work to self mobilize the often stiff thoracic/mid-back and upper thoracic area

The EDGE Back support comes with

  • 3 level adjustable back support
  • chair strap
  • cushion for the adjustable portion
  • instructional videos via email